Make The Most Out of Your Ticket

I’ll never forget the first roller-coaster I saw that went upside down. I had been on several other rides, and I loved them. But for some reason, I just couldn’t get on that one that went upside down.  The anxiety was horrible and I remember almost getting physically sick. My cousins wanted me to and I wanted to, but I just couldn’t do it. However, numerous people kept boarding that roller-coaster and it kept right on going with or without me on it. And this time, it was without me.

Unlimited Rides

I’m not exactly sure when or where it was, or even how old I was when I finally got the courage to jump on one of those roller-coasters that went upside down. But once I road one there was no looking back. In fact, ever time I’ve gone to an amusement park since I’ve gotten there when they opened and stayed until the park closed down. And I try to go when it’s not peak season and the lines are short so I can ride the coasters as many times as possible.

Taking Full Advantage of My Ticket

I used to go to the State Fair when I was younger I would have to buy tickets for each ride. I could buy in bulk and get a discount and then each ride would cost ‘x’ amount of tickets. However, the amusement parks charge one price to get in the gates and you ride the rides as many times as you want. A much better deal.

One ticket and the good times begin.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie you run to get back in line. If you don’t get on the ride fast enough, the gate closes and it takes off without you because there are people strapped in and ready to go. You’ll have to wait for the next one.

Ticket to Life

You need to approach life in the same way. You’ve been given one ticket and you’re already on the ride. It’s not going to start at some point in the future when you’re finally ready and think you have everything in order. The train is moving. And

The train is moving. And

And unlike an amusement park ride, you have no idea how long this ride we call life is going to last. So don’t wait another second to start enjoying and making the most of it.

Uphill Battles

The first part of almost every roller-coaster is climbing the “big hill.” The gears lock in and there is clanking and crunching but that sucker makes it to the top. And as soon as it crests the peak it’s on. That baby starts down the first hill and the fear from climbing instantly turns into adrenaline. You start screaming and throwing your hands in the air while you’re smiling ear to ear. You blow through the twists and turns and go flying upside down so fast you don’t even hardly realize you’re upside down. You want this ride to last forever because you’re having so much fun.

Then It’s Over

But on a roller-coaster, you can get back in line and ride it again. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. So start enjoying it now. Make the most out of every moment. Even the bad ones because they are usually just stepping stones or tests to get you to the good stuff. We all have uphill battles. That’s just part of life. But when you know what’s coming on the other side, all the fun and rewards, you’ll climb that hill before you know it.

You have your ticket and the ride, your life, is in motion. It’s not stopping for anything but you’re the one who’s in control. Make the most of it.

Enjoy the ride.




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