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10 Books Tony Robbins Says You Must Read If You Want To Expand Your Mind

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10 Books You Must Read To Expand Your Mind

Let’s face it, you don’t know what you don’t know. Therefore, if you want to do more, if you want to know more, if you want more, if you want to become more, you have to learn more. You have to learn something you don’t already know. You have to know the mindsets of the people who do great things in their arena. And it doesn’t matter if their arena is sports, business, family, medicine, coaching, or music.

There are certain things successful people do that allow them to scale to new heights. They live and perform at a different level than your ordinary person. Who wants to be ordinary anyway? It’s easy to be ordinary. Anybody can do that. You want to be an extraordinary person or you wouldn’t even be reading this.

That’s why I’m sharing the list below with you. I think you’ll agree Tony Robbins is a pretty extraordinary person who more than likely lives an extraordinary life. And like I mentioned above, in order to be extraordinary, you have to know and do what extraordinary people do.

The first thing you have to do is get your thinking right. So I’d probably start with As A Man Thinketh. It’s a short easy read and it’s very powerful.

10 Books Tony Robbins says are a MUST read if you want to expand your mind.
1. Tribe of Mentors – Tim Ferris
2. Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl
3. Principles – Ray Dalio
4. Living Forward – Michael Hyatt & Daniel Harkavy
5. Start With Why – Simon Sinek
6. As A Man Thinketh – James Allen
7. The TB12 Method – Tom Brady
8. Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got – Jay Abraham
9. Emerson: Essays & Lectures
10. Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? – Seth Godin

The Secrets to Happiness

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I don’t know you, but I do know one thing about you.

How can I know anything about you if I don’t know you, you ask?

Well, it’s simple. Everyone wants to know how to achieve happiness. And the thing I know without a doubt, about you, is that you want to be happy. So I’m going to share the secrets to happiness with you.

I stumbled across these secrets from Ted Nicholas awhile back. And Ted Nicholas knows a few things about happiness. He also knows a few things about business, marketing and longevity.

I’ve added my personal thoughts in the ( ) following the initial statement.

The Secrets to Happiness

1. Decide to be happy. (Easier said than done? Maybe. But try it before you knock it. Get up tomorrow and tell yourself, “I’m going to be happy today.” Then when someone starts dripping negativity on you or gossip, remind yourself of the decision you made).

2. Make happiness a priority. (This means you might, no you’ll definitely, have to stop hanging around certain people. If you can’t avoid them completely, make your encounters as short as possible. You know the people I’m talking about. And tell yourself every morning that you’re going to be happy today. After all, it is a decision you have to make).

3. Accept yourself, forgive others and stop making judgments of them or yourself. (You are you. You can’t be someone else so stop trying to be. And believe it or not, some people are wishing they were you. Yep, it’s true. You have gifts that NO ONE else on this planet has. Get better at the things you’re good at and quit trying to be good at the things you’re not good at. If someone has wronged you, forgive them and move on. That doesn’t mean you like them or have to hang out with them. But holding a grudge to the grave isn’t going to damage anyone but yourself. And don’t judge people, especially yourself. You don’t know what the other person’s story is. They could be terminally ill or have a sick child and that may be why they’re acting like an asshole. There’s countless things that could be going on in someone’s life that you know nothing about. Be kind to them anyway. Your act of kindness might be exactly what they need at that moment. And it could completely change their attitude. When you screw up, and you’re going to, we all do, don’t beat yourself up over and over. Accept whatever it is that happened, apologize if you need to, but move on as soon as possible. Keep moving forward and trying to become a better person).

4. Live in the present moment. It’s all you have now and all you will ever have. (In other words, don’t waste what you have and enjoy it while you can. The last time I saw my dad it was around 4pm and he was standing in my entryway playing monsters with my kids. Roaring like the Abominable Snowman and they ran by smiling and screaming. That night he was out in the field checking on his horses and dropped dead of a massive heart attack. You never know when your time on this earth is up. Make the most of it. Make the most of every moment God has given you).

5. Discover the enormous power of gratitude for all your blessings. Create a daily gratitude diary. (There’s a lot of bad things happening in the world and there’s a ton of problems you encounter throughout life. But… there’s a lot of great stuff happening in your life too. And when you start focusing on ALL the good that’s happening, and showing gratitude for ALL the good that’s happening in your life, you’ll forget about most of the crap. Try it. You’ll thank me.)

6. Move! Walk or swim for at least 30 minutes each day. (This speaks for itself. And don’t say you don’t have time. If you can’t give up your favorite TV show, then put a freakin treadmill in front of the TV. But move. Do something. You’ll be feeling better in no time).

7. Give all you can afford to suitable children’s charities. My favorites are The Hole in the Wall Gang and Make-a-Wish Foundation. (No child chose their dire circumstances. Do what you can to improve the life of a child and you’ll change the world).

8. Listen to beautiful music and go dancing at every opportunity. (Music moves the soul. It soothes and inspires. And if you don’t dance, start. Even if you just stand at the side of the room & shake it a little you’ll feel better.

9. Read romantic poetry often. (There’s nothing more beautiful than love).

10. Do not fully trust the country of your birth to provide a safe passport forever. In this uncertain world, obtain a legal second passport for insurance in case you ever need it.

11. Stop fully trusting any government in the world with your assets and freedom. For safety, at the barest minimum live a three-flag life. Place your money in one country. Set up your business in a second country. Live in a third country. I live a five-flag life. (The government is not your friend).

12. Let yourself cry. Whether you experience tears of joy or sadness, crying often is one of the most beneficial things physically and psychologically you can ever do. (Crying = happiness? Yep. It’s a way to show your emotions and you need to let those tears out. Crying is NOT a sign of weakness and there is no shame in it. When my kids were younger I could look at them lying in bed and just start crying because I love them so much. Now I find myself crying watching a movie or a show because I can relate to different situations. Have you ever heard someone say, “I need a good cry?” Good is the key word. It let’s things out. Then you can move on).

To Your Happiness

I’m so pleased to share what I’ve discovered about happiness with you.

My own commitment to living fully has deepened as will yours.

Best of all, that which I have most wanted to give to others I value and love has been given to me.

Best wishes to you on your quest. Your happiness level will inevitably increase just as sure as night follows day. When you experience the happiness you deserve, I would love to hear from you about your experience.

~Ted Nicholas

A Better World

In order to make the world a better place, I believe we need to share those things that make it better when we discover them. I hope this list helps you discover happiness for yourself.


Punched In The Gut Instinct

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stomach-punchHave you ever been punched in the gut and had the wind knocked out of you? Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t. But if you have, and I think most people have had the wind knocked out of them in one way or the other, I believe this is going to make a lot of sense to you.

Our Inner Compass

Life is a journey.

It’s a journey broken up into several different segments. For lack of a better reference, think of life as a trek from California to New York. Some segments are going to boring. Some are going to be challenging. Some you’re going to want to avoid all together. And some you’re going to get through as fast as you can because you can’t wait to see what’s at the end.

As with every journey, in order to get where you want to go, you must have something to guide you along the way.

Gut Instinct

That’s what it’s called, gut instinct. And the part that separates right from wrong is your conscience. You need both components because sometimes your gut instinct will be telling you that you can or can’t do something. But your conscience, at the same time, will be telling you if you should or shouldn’t do it. They’re kind of one in the same, but sometimes there’s a slight contrast if that makes sense. The conscience is more on the moral side of guidance.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it.

Remember that.

Going Against the Tide

When you don’t listen to your gut instinct it’s like swimming upstream. If you’re a really good swimmer, you’re going to go nowhere. You’ll just be paddling to stay afloat and eventually you’ll wear out and just start floating with the current. And if you’re just an average swimmer the current is going to take you downstream backwards.


99.9% Accuracy

I’ve learned, mostly the hard way because that’s how humans learn most of the time unfortunately, that you’re gut instinct is right 99.9% of the time. I’ve gotten hurt because I tried doing things that were beyond my abilities. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself at times though. I’ve ran out of gas because I didn’t stop to fill up when I should’ve. And my gut instinct told me to stop. I’ve gotten involved with business ventures that I knew weren’t right for me. But, I was focused on the possible outcome and thought the daily drudgery wouldn’t be “that bad.” That it would “work itself out.”

It won’t.

Let me tell you something.

If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, as far as starting a business goes, the daily drudgery will consume you quickly. I don’t care if your venture is going to make a billion dollars. And you won’t either because you’ll hate what you’re doing everyday. It’ll be like getting punched in the gut every morning and having the wind knocked out of you for the day.

NEVER get involved in a business if you’re not passionate about it. And if you have partners, make sure they’re just as passionate or you’re going to ruin a relationship.


There’s two forms of communicating.

Listening and speaking.

Listeners make the best communicators. That goes for listening to your gut instincts too. You’re not always going to be passionate about what you’re doing, but your gut instinct will let you know whether you should or shouldn’t do it. And sometimes it’s going to tell you to do some things you’re not going to be crazy about doing.

Do it anyway or get the wind knocked out of you.