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These ‘Outlaw Bikers’ would Take a Bullet for any Child

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Although this subject is no fun to even think about, it has to be talked about. Unfortunately, there are monsters that prey on children, victimize them, then intimidate and threaten them and scar them for life.

They ARE monsters.

The child wants to tell someone what has happened to them, but all too often the perpetrating monster has made the child feel like it’s their fault that it happened. They also threaten to beat, or even kill them or someone they love, if they talk to anyone about it.

Child Abuse

It’s one of the most heinous crimes and it goes unreported all too often. A child’s life is often ruined. They live in fear, develop anxiety disorders, fall into deep depression and some even attempt and commit suicide because it’s too much to bear.

These biker’s couldn’t take it anymore and decided to do something about it.

B.A.C.A ‘Outlaw Biker’s’ Step Up

This biker group, B.A.C.A.(Biker’s Against Child Abuse) decided to do something about it. They offer bodyguard and escort services for these children that are too scared to sleep at night or leave their house. They will do everything, and they mean everything, to protect these children from their perpetrating monsters. Even if it means taking a bullet for them. The biker’s of B.A.C.A. may look like mean dudes, and that’s because they are… when it comes to protecting children from their abusers anyway.

Watch this video and see how much they’ve helped FA overcome her fears of the monster that did so much damage to her life.

Chuck Norris Puts Van Damme’s Epic Volvo Ad to Shame

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If you saw the Volvo ad of Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two semi-trucks, you were probably impressed. And rightfully so.

Then along came Chuck, Chuck Norris.

And, well, it just outright puts Van-Damme to shame. Then again, you wouldn’t expect anything less from Chuck Norris… would you?


Chuck Norris Puts Van Damme’s Epic Volvo Ad to Shame

Life Without Risk is Just Boring

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Some people just aren’t happy unless they’re pushing the limits. They just aren’t satisfied until they conquer the next challenge. The first example that came to mind was the backflip on a motorcycle. At first they said it couldn’t be done.

Then someone did it.

Of course that made the next challenge obvious. The double backflip. And if my memory serves me right, it might not because I’m over 40 now, I believe it was Travis Pastrana that conquered the challenge first. Then it was time to perform a front flip. And the challenges and tricks continue to get bigger and better.

Now I know not everyone can go out and do what these people pull off in this video. And I know not everyone wants to. But I also know there’s someone out there in this world that you watch and/or admire and wonder “how can my life be like theirs… what are they doing that I’m not… why can’t I live a lifestyle like they do?”

You can.

You just have to step out of your comfort zone and take that chance that you haven’t been willing to take yet. You, and only you, are the one that’s holding yourself back.

Watch this video. These people all took incredible risks that, if something goes wrong, the outcome is going to be real bad. Chances are, whatever the risk or challenge is that you have been unwilling to take thus far, the outcome isn’t going to be as devastating as you think it might be.

Know your limits, but push them to the edge.