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Offroading with Ivan “Ironman” Stewart

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What’s it take to be called an Ironman?

Well, Ivan Stewart had to drive the Baja 1000.


If you can do that, you might just be in his league. Just remember though that the Baja 1000 isn’t a race that’s on pavement. In fact, the only payment you might come across is the highway you’ll be jumping in your off-road vehicle.

Ivan’s choice is the Toyota Tundra.

Check out this video as he gives Jay Leno a taste of what it’s all about.

WARNING! This may get your adrenaline pumping.

Lift Your Spirits In 10 Minutes or Less With One of These 5 Ways

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I just received this email from Dharma Rose of Abundant Entrepreneur.  It doesn’t matter if you know her or not.  I just think these 5 tips can, and will, benefit everyone who reads them and puts them into practice.  Because everyone of us has bad days once in awhile.  And every so often we have a bad string of events that we need help getting through.

So take a few minutes  and learn how you can lift your spirits when you’re down in the gutter.

5 Ways to Lift Your Spirits in Less than 10 Minutes

We all have days where we feel a little… well… in a funk.

But the good news is that, once you know a few simple tricks, it’s easy to shift your mood from drab to deliciously inspired in just 10 minutes or less.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to lift your spirits anytime, anyplace, anywhere:

TIP #1: Feed your ears with inspiration

Listening to energizing music is hands down the fastest, easiest way to elevate your mood.

Put on one or two of your favorite songs, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you start to feel more positive about yourself and your day!

One way to make sure your day starts off to a positive start is to get a musical alarm clock that wakes you up with your favorite uplifting songs.

Do a Google search for “musical alarm clock,” and you’ll find plenty of programs (some free, some you have to pay for) that you can easily set up to wake you up with music that you have stored on your computer or laptop.

Or, if you have a smart phone, do a search in the “apps store” on your phone and you’ll find plenty of apps that’ll work with the music you’ve got on your phone.

TIP #2: Invite positive people into your space

One of the best ways to pull yourself out of the doldrums is to spend a little time with someone who has an abundance of positive energy.

But if a close friend or family member isn’t nearby, here’s the next best thing…

Do a Google search for “inspirational videos” and you’ll bring up TONS of short videos of inspiring people sharing inspiring things that’ll feed your mind and spirit.

Watch one or two, and because you’re activating the learning centers of the brain, you’ll quickly experience a nice jolt of all-natural mental caffeine.

You can also check out for a great selection of free videos you can watch and feel inspired by.

TIP #3: Laugh it off

Laughter is one of the most effective antidotes for a heavy mood.

Laughing and smiling releases endorphins… the “happy hormones” produced in the brain that are widely regarded as nature’s cure for the blues.

Lucky for you, there are tons of comedians loading hilarious videos onto the Web that you can access in just seconds!

Feeling down? Take a few minutes and check out a couple of videos on YouTube or Funny or Die (the YouTube-style comedy website founded by comedian Will Ferrell) for some good side-splitting material that will send your endorphin levels through the roof.

TIP #4: Beautify your space

Eckhart Tolle writes that flowers are “ethereal messengers from the spiritual realm,” and that gazing at one reminds us of our Oneness with all life and that there’s peace in the present moment.

Even if you think that sounds a little far fetched, you can’t deny that everyone has a positive reaction to flowers!

So why not exercise a little self-love and treat yourself to a nice bouquet?

Put them in an area of your home or office where you can see them, and you’ll be surprised how a few delicate buds can lift your spirits.

TIP #5: Gain some perspective

If you’re feeling a bit down, it’s important to be gentle with yourself.

A lot of people who feel unhappy further reinforce this emotional state by feeling unhappy that they feel unhappy.

Instead of making yourself wrong for feeling a bit blah, remember that the up and down, ebb and flow of emotions is a part of the human experience.

Take a deep breath and tell yourself that this emotion too shall pass.

Giving yourself the freedom to experience how you feel can often be the key to releasing undesirable feelings so that you can move on to greener emotional pastures.

Make today a great one!

To your freedom,

Dharma Rose

Enjoy Life

I hope those help you out.  Because life really is too short to spend a minute too long down in the dumps.

Leave your marx,


P.S.  If you’re stuggling to find energy and get done what you want to get done, try drinking some of this.