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What Muscle Memory and Dreams Have In Common

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We’re Here to Pump… You Up! ~Hanz & Franz

Do you remember Hanz and Franz from Saturday Night Live? Those guys were hilarious. The mention of muscle in the title reminded me of them, but this isn’t about being a meathead.

Have you ever wondered if you could do what you used to be able to do? Or wonder why you can’t do what you used to be able to do?

I have. And when I surprised myself doing something I used to do for a couple hours a day, 6 days a week, quite a few years ago, I had realized something.

Let Me Tell You About It

I played football in high school, and since I played football, lifting weights was a natural addition. Plus, my brother Jon was a big influence in getting me to start lifting weights.

High school was the end of my football career, but I continued lifting weights for several years after I graduated. In fact, me and my best friend were so committed to it that we usually pumped iron for a couple of hours a night and most Saturday mornings.

We were dedicated. And we liked doing it.

But the older we got, it seemed harder to find the time to pump iron two hours a day. Then I got married and had kids and he was going to school. So working out together was hit and miss. We had so much time and energy into fitness though that I couldn’t just quit.

Like so many people do, they get on the roller coaster of fitness. They workout for awhile, and then they slack for awhile. It’s really a vicious cycle.


A few years ago I decided to commit and get back into shape. But I didn’t have the desire to lift weights, aka pump iron, for two hours a day. I didn’t have the time or desire. So I bought one of the best selling workouts from an infomercial. You’ve probably heard of, P90X.

So I started doing it. And I was getting results. But my mind was so tuned into lifting weights that I didn’t know what kind of strength I was really gaining, or maintaining. Then one day I had to take my son to basketball practice at the YMCA and my daughter wanted to work out while we waited. After his practice, he came up to the weight room and I decided to see if I could still bench press 225lbs. So I told them to pick a side and get ready to spot me. In other words, save my life if I couldn’t press it.

I Was Shocked

I took the weight off the rack, took a deep breath and did the first rep.


Then I did nine more. And I couldn’t believe it. I actually believe I could’ve done more than that, but I had two spotters that I wasn’t sure about how they would react if I got stuck. So I racked the weights.

This is a great example of muscle memory. Now I had been doing weight resistant exercises, like pushups. But I wasn’t doing any weight lifting and my muscles remembered what I used to be able to lift anyway. I hadn’t benched pressed for a few years. And here I was benching 225lbs for ten reps.

I Challenge You

Your brain is like a muscle. When you were younger, before you conformed and did what everyone else was doing, went to school and got a job. Or just got a job. You had dreams and high aspirations. But then you got in a rut and settled for what life gave you. You gave up on going out and taking what you want. On making the life you desire.

All you have to do is re-introduce your dreams to your brain. As soon as you ‘rekindle that fire‘ you’ll feel the passion you once had.

Just like muscle memory.

Think about your perfect day. Think about everything from the time you get up, to what you have for breakfast, to who you eat with and to what you do in the morning, afternoon and evening. Picture what you for fun and hobbies. Picture the life you were going to live before you let everyone and everything else dictate to you the life that you are living.

It’s within you, all you have to do is ignite that spark.

The ONLY Comparison You Should Ever Make

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Apples & OrangesA few years ago, a friend of mine was in town on business and pleasure. He was a district sales manager for one of the largest glass companies in the world. When he was in town, he had an appointment with one of the car dealerships and asked me if I wanted to tag along.

It was a casual meeting.

I agreed to go for two reasons. First, because he was a great friend and secondly, I wanted to see what he did to make the amount of money he was making because I was trying to create a lifestyle like his. He had the new truck, a Corvette, a nice Harley and it seemed like he was vacationing a few times a year. Because he was vacationing a few times a year. And I’m not talking little weekend getaways on a tiny budget. He was taking nice vacations. And if they were weekend getaways, they were nice weekend getaways.

After the Meeting

On the way home we decided to stop for a couple of drinks and do some catching up. We were talking about our families, football, current events, work and your typical small talk. But I was shocked when the subject of work came up and he started telling me how miserable he was. I couldn’t freakin believe it. I said, “really, it’s that bad. But you make a ton of money, you have a lot of toys, you travel. What more do you want?”

But he hated it. He hated all the pressure the company put on him to perform. Especially since his division had been bought in an acquisition with another company and he knew they wanted to make changes. Changes like downsizing and hiring a younger person to take his position for a significantly reduced amount of money. He told me how they were always wanting more. And when he was working, which was most of the time, he was traveling. He hated being away from his wife and daughter all the time. And as far as having the toys go, he had them, but he rarely got to enjoy them because he was gone all week.

The Other Side

Obviously things aren’t always as they appear. My friend was making good money, but didn’t have that much time to enjoy it. But then you have the people who act like they have money, when in reality, they have the stuff but are struggling month after month just to make the payments. And they’re doing it for no other reason than to look like someone they’re not. They often refer to this as keeping up with the Jones’s. Plus, it’s making them miserable because carrying the burden of debt is no fun at all. It’s like filling a tire with air. The pressure keeps building and building until it bursts.

Trying to Be Someone Else

The easiest thing in the world to be is you. The most difficult thing is what other people want you to be; don’t let them put you in that position.

I used the comparison of money and material things in the example above because people tend to believe that having stuff levels the playing field. I know attracting women and being a superstar athlete are also two major things guys compare themselves to other guys over. You’ll never be a superstar athlete without superior talent though. And a lot of guys think that if they just have a lot of money, they’ll get the women. Maybe, but not the type of women they truly want.

If you pay attention to what’s happening in the world, just a little bit, you’ll hear about actors, doctors, lawyers, and businessmen who are getting thrown in jail for drugs. Or busted for sex scandals or caught cheating on their wives. And the worse thing, committing suicide.


Because they’re not happy. They don’t feel fulfilled. Too many people pursue careers that other people think they should pursue and they bury their true purpose deep inside. One can only do this for so long. People call these successful people crazy when they give up lucrative careers and go do something that carries no status and pays a fraction of the money.

But they’re happy!

The Only Comparison You Should Be Making

Compare yourself to the progress you’ve made, for whatever your purpose is.

That’s it.

The only comparison you need to make. Are you better than you were yesterday? Did you make any progress towards your goal this week? If not, why not? Maybe it’s not something you’re passionate about. If so, what were the key elements to making all the progress you made? Did you find your purpose?

Stay True to You

When you’re true to yourself everything around you improves. You’re more happy so you’re family is more happy. They don’t want you coming home and taking your misery out on them because you’re in a career you hate.

Figure out what your true purpose is. This may help you do that. Click Here!

I hope this helps you find happiness in your life. It’s never too late to change. The time is going to go by anyway, so you may as well be going after something you’re passionate about.

What Makes You Happy?

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Are You Happy?

Do you ever ask yourself that question? Or do you ask yourself why you’re not happy?

If you’re not.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but it seems like a lot of people in today’s world are unhappy. But they have fancy cars, nice clothes, warm homes and big t.v.’s. So it doesn’t really make sense. Or is it proof that stuff doesn’t actually make people happy?

Everyone is going a million miles an hour to get somewhere(that they most likely don’t want to be). I’m of course talking about working at a job they don’t like… or hate. And they don’t even really know how or why they ended up doing what they do for a job.

Then after work they have to get the kids to two or three different courts or fields for sports. And then they have to get food on the table for supper at 9pm when everyone is finally home. More times than not though, people are picking up a bag of grease and sodium from a fast food place that fills them up, but it also makes them feel worse. The fast food makes them fat and lethargic so they don’t feel like doing anything. Plus they beat themselves up for being fat. This also contributes to their unhappiness.

The Rat Race

A rat race is an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit. It conjures up the image of lab rats racing through a maze to get the “cheese” much like society racing to get ahead financially.

But then what?

What do you do after you get the money? You have to know why you want it and how it’s going to change your life. After all, it’s the experiences of life that make us happy. Not the stuff. If you don’t know why you want something it doesn’t matter how you’re going to get it. Because the chances are great that you’re not going to get it. You’re not going to pursue anything in life without a big enough reason. A big enough why.

People get so busy in the rat race, a race they never really wanted to be a part of in the first place, that they forget what they’re really living for in the first place. Their dreams get swept under the table and they get caught up trying to keep up with the Joneses. They’re worried about what everyone else is doing and about what everyone else is thinking about them. They let the wrong people influence them. People that aren’t really thinking about them at all.

The Perfect Combination

True happiness is achieved through a healthy combination. You have to be sound mentally and take care of yourself physically. It’s ok to be a little crazy, we all are. It’s the people who worry about it that have issues.

Start taking care of yourself and think about what it is that you’re truly passionate about. Light that fire that you had in you when you were younger, before life started kicking your ass and distracting you from the lifestyle you truly wanted to create.


This movement of people doing more and having more but being more unhappy has been going on for a long time. But you can turn that around for yourself at any given moment.

Watch the video below from Jack Lalanne about unhappy people and how you can discover happiness again in a few simple steps.